Love Radically

Gestalt is not school as usual. Here, you are part of a community that builds relationships like family. At Gestalt, we want scholars, families and staff to be Known and Loved — for your strengths and weaknesses; your passions; your past, present and envisioned future. Only then can we educate you. Radical love means we make personal sacrifices to know, support and nurture one another.

Invest Deeply

The social, economic and racial challenges our community faces require an unwavering vision of excellence. All of us need someone in our corner who is relentless in their commitment to developing our greatness. We will invest deeply in you through education, mentoring, coaching and committing fiercely to growth. In turn, we ask you to invest in yourself, in others and in your community.

Advocate Boldly

Your ideas matter, and you have the right to be heard. We’ll educate you so you feel confident using your voice to speak up articulately and passionately in any setting, to anyone. Advocating boldly is the result of an education that trains your mind and heart, rooting passionate opinions in well-reasoned facts; balanced views of any issue; and the ability to listen. We believe the act of speaking out is liberating in itself.

Act Purposefully

Each of us has a moral obligation to leave our community better than we found it. Our schools offer authentic experiences for you to participate in community service, social entrepreneurship and community development. Collectively, our efforts transform under-resourced spaces into community hubs with effective schools at the center. We believe that every person can find hope and a life of lasting meaning through purposeful action.


Known, Loved and Educated

Enjoy a sneak peek of Gestalt’s documentary, entitled Known, Loved and Educated. The film unpacks the unique culture of our Village.