Scholar Support Services

Hearing and Vision Screenings

At Gestalt, we’re committed to ensuring our scholars’ basic needs are met. Conducting ongoing vision and hearing screenings meets those basic needs – and they are vital in ensuring academic success. It is through this screening process that potential problems can be identified and addressed prior to any adverse impact on school performance.

The Tennessee Code Ann § 49-6-5004 mandates vision and hearing screenings be completed on all newly enrolled scholars, as well as students enrolled in grades K, 2, 4, 6 and 8. You will be notified of the screening process results only if the need for further evaluation is indicated.

Our Power Center Academy schools will conduct the hearing screenings within the first 60 days of the school year. The scheduling of the vision screenings shall be completed within 60 working days of the school year; however, vision screenings may be conducted at any time during the school year. 

Parents/guardians may opt-out or request a vision and/or hearing screening by providing an email communication notice to the school’s nurse requesting the hearing and vision opt-out form.

STOPit Solutions

STOPit offers comprehensive, proven solutions to help identify, intervene and get help for students and staff. STOPit allows individuals to anonymously report safety, misconduct or compliance concerns to help others or connect with a crisis counselor from the Crisis Text Line™ to help themselves. To report a safety issue or other concern, please click the button for your school below.